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Hot Sausage Breakfast Kolache
Hot Sausage Breakfast Kolache
Breakfast Kolaches
Fletcher's Louisiana Hot Sausage with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Egg, and Potato wrapped in our sweet bread.
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We also provide catering services

If you are in the market for some unique fare for an upcoming special event we can provide that service.   We can make your event a hit like no other.  For pricing information, please contact us (425) 409-3852 or email us at orders@theflyingkolache.com.  If you receive voice mail, we are probably in the kitchen baking.  We do not want to miss your call so please leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.





Online Ordering Guidelines

  •  Minimum quantity per online order is 12 Kolaches.  additional quantities may be less than 12.
  • Feel free to mix and match any Kolache flavors
  • Special flavor orders may require additional processing time
  • Orders will be processed within 48 hours
  • Shipping charges calculated at checkout
  • Please call or email for any custom variety you do not see on the website or special orders of 48 or more Kolaches
  • Phone: 425-409-3852 ∙ orders@theflyingkolache.com

About us


Who makes the amazing Kolaches:

Hi!  I'm Harvey and I have been making Kolaches or "Kolach" for over 35 years.  I was shocked and dismayed when I left Texas and found Kolaches were nowhere to be found and no one knew what I was talking about when I asked them about where I could find one.  So, I decided I had to share my delectable Kolaches with the public.  Since I hadn’t made Kolaches in about 15 years, I needed to re-perfect my recipe.  I baked daily for 2 months sending pictures of the results to my lovely fiance Ellyn, who was living in Detroit and who had also never heard of a Kolache, showing her the results and sharing the “THRILL OF VICTORY AND THE AGONY OF DEFEAT".  And believe me there were plenty of the Agony of Defeats.   I finally perfected the recipe, Ellyn and I did get married and she moved to the Seattle area which she loves.  I taught her to make Kolaches.  I am proud to say that she is an expert Kolache maker and I would put her Kolaches up against any Kolaches in the world.  The customers love her and she goes out of her way to make our customers feel like kings and queens.  We love to bake and try new recipes and have over 60 varieties of Kolaches now to elevate your taste buds to new heights.  Although we are not showing them all on the website at this time, we will be rotating them in and out so keep checking back to see if we have included your favorite or drop us a line and ask about it.  If you have any particular variety you like us to try, we would be more than happy to test them out for you.


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How a Kolache is Made:

We use the freshest ingredients for our Kolaches purchased from local vendors.  The Kolache process begins with us making the dough which we use Shepard Grain flour from eastern Washington.  While the dough is rising, we begin making the different fillings.  The milk and butter we use in our product(s) is produced by Darigold which is located at Issaquah, WA, mushrooms from Ostrom Farms, of Olympia, WA and the eggs are supplied by the Wilcox Farms of Roy, WA.  The spinach, red onions, fruits and other produce comes from the farmers markets where we sell our Kolaches at.  Berries we use are from Hayton Farms located in Mount Vernon, WA.    Our dough comes in at 91.85% State of Washington sourced.   

The sausages, ham and pepper bacon we use in our savory Kolaches are manufactured by Fletchers Fine Foods located in Auburn, Washington.  The cheese(s) we use in our product(s) are manufactured in Tillamook, Oregon.  The Salmon we use is always fresh from the expert fishermen of the Muckleshoot Indian tribe.